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Every serious blogger knows the fact that building links for his/ her blog is essential to become successful as a blogger. This is because it is links which will give you high search engine rankings and decent traffic to the blog.

In recent times building links has been tougher than ever
just because webmasters are getting more and more conscious about outgoing links and how more no. of outgoing links can affect their pagerank. Getting links from the same niche sites is still tougher as webmasters see it as giving away links to their competitors.

So, in present scenario bloggers are left with only three options to build links-

1) Buy some links. But not every blogger can buy some links for his blog and also buying links violates TOS of google.

2) Get links from unrelated blogs. But these sort of links will have lesser value if not completely devalued.
3) Generate some quality content and wait for someone to link to them. But most of us including me would not like to wait that much.

The juice of above paragraphs is that it is very very hard to build links for your blog. It seems that folks at smorty have sensed this problem and came up with whole new concept of link building for bloggers.

Smorty has recently announced their post exchange feature according to which if you write a review of some blog , some other blog with similar rating as yours will write a review for your blog. Excellent feature, isn’t it?

Here I must tell you that the links you will get will be contextual links which according to google are more valued than other links. In short you will get high quality links from same or related niches by just writing a review on other blog. Link building can’t be less pain taking than this one.

Here I would like to emphasis one more point. The link you will get will not be reciprocal links. Let us suppose you write a review for blog A then blog A will not write review for you. Instead some other blog say, blog B will write review on your blog and blog C for blog B and so on. So, the links your blog or any other blog participating in this program gets is a one way link.You might be knowing that one way links are more valued than reciprocal or exchanged links. So, the links you get will be one way and more valued. Isn’t this cool !!!

What blogs can participate in this program ?

Although smorty follows several rules to approve the blogs but some important one are –

1) The blog should be around for at least 3 months to get approved.

2) It should have a regular posting frequency of at least 2 posts per week on an average.

3) The blog should not contain content which is defamatory, above 18 or spread hatred to a person or community.

Smorty has announced a perfectly well plan for building links when it is getting harder to get relevant links from other websites or blog. In my view this whole new program is worth trying for building links. I am planning to try this out for my blog and I will be commenting further on this program after using this service.

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